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Upper St. Clair Celebrates Parks and Recreation Professionals Day

The Township of Upper St. Clair celebrates Park and Recreation Professionals Day today, July 21, 2023, to honor essential parks and recreation professionals across USC who make our community a better place to live, work and play. The Township thanks the men and women who work throughout Upper St. Clair to provide the parks and recreation programs and facilities that residents and non-residents enjoy every day. 

At USC’s Community & Recreation Center, the staff works tirelessly to provide all visitors a safe, enjoyable and educational experience. Upper St. Clair’s Public Works Department maintains and improves USC’s parks, fields and trails daily so that patrons can use them all year round.

To celebrate Park and Recreation Professionals Day and honor your local parks and recreation providers, visit a local park or the C&RC.

USC is proud to provide over 700 acres of neighborhood parks, fields and facilities. For a full list of Upper St. Clair’s parks and fields, click here.

For more information on the Upper St. Clair Community & Recreation Center, click here. To register for a program at the C&RC, click here.