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Building Permit Applications

In order to ensure a successful project and avoid costly delays, residents should call the Department of Community Development (412.831.9000 ext. 5010) to discuss their building and remodeling plans so that permit requirements can be determined. The resident's contractor or design professional can then prepare the project's construction documents to meet the Township's building and zoning codes.

Applications are available at the bottom of this page in PDF.  Before submitting an application to the Department of Planning and Community Development, it is recommended that you review the submission checklist on the first page of the application and review the permit process. You may consult with a staff member about specific construction questions or if you need assistance with completing the application.
If a permit application requires a notarized signature, the Department of Planning and Community Development has a Notary on staff, free of charge. 

Effective January 1, 2020 revised permit fees will be in effect: Permit Fees

Permits are required for the following:
  • Replacement, enlargement, alteration, removal, demolition or repair of existing, or construction of new:
    garages, storage sheds, air conditioners, generators, decks, swimming pools, hot tubs, fences, gazebos, on-ground patios, retaining walls and signs
  • Interior renovation when cutting into or adding bulkheads, or removing or adding interior walls
  • Erecting a new principal structure or addition
  • Storable Swimming Pools
  • Electrical work (new or rewiring or upgrade in service)
  • Grading a lot
  • Adding an alarm system or registering the new owner of a property with an alarm system
  • Excavating within a street right-of-way
  • Occupancy, including the change from one type of business to another on a commercial property, or registering your home occupation
  • Replacing an existing unpaved, gravel, or red-dog driveway. There is no fee; however two copies of the property survey showing the proposed location of the driveway are required along with a completed application form. New residential driveway permits are normally issued in conjunction with a building permit
*Stormwater application and management plan must be submitted for any project adding over 400 square feet of impervious surface. Once the Stormwater permit is issued, a building permit can be applied for.

Permits are not required for the following:
  • "Cosmetic" remodeling which would include replacement of existing kitchen or bathroom cabinets and floors
  • Single family garage sales, but are required for Neighborhood Garage Sales
  • Replacement of gutters, soffit, downspouts, facia and siding
  • Replacement of existing windows and/or doors with same size
  • Resurfacing or repairing an existing paved driveway as long as the driveway is not expanded in any dimension
  • Roof replacement (unless changes are made to the structure)

Guidelines for garage sale signs:
  • Location: Only on the lot where the sale is being held, freestanding at least 10 feet from any side lot line and outside of the street right of way, or attached to and parallel with wall of a building and projecting outward no more than 6 inches
  • Display: Only on the day of the sale
  • Maximum Gross Surface Area: Nine (9) square feet
  • May not obstruct sidewalks

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