Upper St. Clair Township

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Township Code

Selected Code Chapters (Alphabetical)

The Code, as provided on this website, has been updated as of March 31, 2024. For changes and revisions enacted after the above date, contact the Township by calling 412-831-9000.

The following table identifies sections of the Township Code frequently used by the Department of Planning and Community Development. Click here to view a complete List of All Code Chapters in numerical order.

Code Chapter Name Code Chapter Number Additional Information
Alarm Systems Code Chapter 37 Alarm Permits & False Alarms
Alarm Permit Application
Animals Code Chapter 41 Animal Control
Building Permits Code Chapter 51 Building Permit Requirements
Burning   Leaf burning, which is regulated by the Allegheny County Health Department, is prohibited in the Township.
Daycare Code Chapter 130.3.69-70 and Code Chapter Daycare
Dye Tests Code Chapter 106.46-51 (Article XII) Dye Tests
Fees Code Chapter 57 Township Fees
Fences Code Chapter and Fences
Firearms Code Chapter 59  
Fire Prevention Code Chapter 61 Fire Code
Fireworks   Fireworks
Floodplain Districts Code Chapter 130.21-25 Floods & Floodplains
Garage Sales Code Chapter Note: For Garage Sale Signs see Code Section on Signs. Garage Sales
Grading Code Chapter 71 Grading
Grass (Brush, Grass and Weeds) Code Chapter 48 Grass (Brush, Grass and Weeds)
Home Occupations Code Chapter 130.7.21 and Code Chapter Home Occupations
Home Rule Charter Charter Home Rule Charter
House Numbers Code Chapter 104 House Numbers
Hunting Code Chapter 59  
Junk Code Chapter 80 Property Maintenance
Litter and Handbills Code Chapter 83  
Mailboxes Code Chapter 112 (Article XI) Mailboxes
Manager and Assistant Manager Code Chapter 29 Township Manager
Noise Code Chapter 89 Noise
Parades and Picketing Code Chapter 91  
Park and Playgrounds Code Chapter 93 Township Parks
Peddling Code Chapter 96  
Property Maintenance Code Chapter 98  
Recreational Vehicles and Trailers Code Chapter 102 Recreational Vehicles
Restaurants Code Chapter 105  
Satellite Dishes Code Chapter Satellite Dishes
Sheds Code Chapter Sheds
Signs Code Chapter 130.26-32 Signs
Streets and Highways Code Chapter 112 Note: Snow Removal Regulations, Snow Removal in Ch. 109
Swimming Pools Code Chapter 116 Swimming Pools
Taxation Code Chapter 118 Taxes
Tenant Registration Statements Code Chapter 120 Tenant Registration
Traffic Calming Program Policy   Traffic Calming Program Policy
Trees Code Chapter 121  
Vehicles, Abandoned Code Chapter 124  
Vehicles and Traffic Code Chapter 125 Note: Includes Parking Regulations & Speed Limits. On-Street Parking
Wards Code Chapter 9 Township Wards and Voting Districts
Zoning Code Chapter 130