Upper St. Clair Township

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Citizens Police Academy

NOTICE: The USC Police Department will NOT be hosting a Citizen's Police academy in 2023 due to ongoing construction at the Municipal Building.

The Upper St. Clair Police Department started hosting a Citizens' Police Academy for residents in 1998. The Academy classes, which are usually held in the fall, are conducted at the Police Department once a week for seven weeks. The course syllabus includes instruction and scenario-based training on various aspects of law enforcement.

Objectives include:

  • An overview of the criminal justice system
  • Local ordinances, crimes, and vehicle code issues
  • The U.S. Constitution and citizens' rights
  • Firearms safety, use of force, and defensive tactics
  • Patrol procedures, traffic stops, speed enforcement, and officer safety
  • Criminal, drug, and gang investigations
  • Domestic crimes, custody disputes, and missing children
  • The role of the District Attorney and the District Court
  • Local crimes, current investigations, programs, and public issues

Upper St. Clair residents who are interested in this program should complete the application form. You may mail or deliver your completed application to the Upper St. Clair Police Department, 1820 McLaughlin Run Road, Upper St. Clair, PA 15241 or submit it online here. There is no fee. Applicants must be 21+ to be considered for admission.

If you have questions or need further information, contact the Police Administration office, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 412-833-1113.