Upper St. Clair Township

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Residents should be aware that solicitors must be registered with the Township with the exception of Charitable or Political Organizations. If a resident does not want to be bothered by solicitors, they can post a small sign or apply a sticker to their front door stating "NO SOLICITORS" or "NO TRESPASSING." If a solicitor knocks on the door, residents can report them by calling the police department at 412-833-7500.

Residents can verify that solicitors are registered by looking for a badge issued by the Township with the solicitor's picture on it along with the current year. If no such badge is visible, residents are urged to call the police department to report the same. If a solicitor is registered and a resident has some issue with them, such as being "too demanding" or "impolite," residents should call and report that behavior as well. The Township of Upper St. Clair does not recommend or endorse solicitors, and residents should use caution when dealing with them.