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Sidewalks & Traffic Calming

The Community Development Department has developed a plan for both traffic calming and a network of sidewalks and bikeways for the Township of Upper St. Clair. This site provides information on the Township's Traffic Calming Policy, as well as the design, goals, research, and recent developments of the sidewalks and bikeways plan. 

Traffic Calming Policy
The Board of Commissioners approved a revised traffic calming policy on Monday, Nov. 6, 2017. 

Sidewalks & Bikeways
The strong belief that sidewalks and bikeways are a critical component of desirable communities has been evident from the initial comprehensive update of the Sidewalks and Bikeways Plan in 1998. The Township Community Development staff provide various resources to help educate the public, and forward that belief.

Beginning in the summer of 1998, the Township of Upper St. Clair Community Development Department sought to fully study a network of sidewalks that would foster the concept of community and that would increase the safety of transportation within the Township. It has been the goal of the department to plan the location of these sidewalks and bikeways with the needs of residents in mind to provide:

  • Students an opportunity to walk safely to school
  • Pedestrians the ability to travel to points of interest
  • Senior citizens the convenience to walk outdoors
  • Bicyclists the freedom to ride separate from motorized vehicles.

The Township of Upper St. Clair Community Development Department would appreciate your input on the proposed Sidewalks and Bikeways Plan. In addition to your comments, the following information would be valued.

  • What areas of existing sidewalk need to be improved?
  • What areas would benefit from the addition of sidewalks (whether in the plan or not)?
  • What can we add to our web site?
We thank you for your time and input. Please send your comments to one of the addresses below:

Township of Upper St. Clair
Department of Community Development
Sidewalks and Bikeways Plan
1820 McLaughlin Run Road
Upper St. Clair, PA 15241

Planning Process
Upon developing a network of sidewalks and bikeways, the Township of Upper St. Clair's Community Development Department explored the role sidewalks and bikeways will serve in the community and where these sidewalks and bikeways would be installed.
Websites with pedestrian and bicyclist information:
(Note: The information contained on these outside sites does not necessarily represent the opinion of the Township of Upper St. Clair)

Commercial Areas

Community Destinations

Parks and Recreation


Street Crossings

Transit Arteries

Transit Sources

Worn Paths