Upper St. Clair Township

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Code Enforcement

Code enforcement in Upper St. Clair ensures that the properties in the Township are maintained in a safe and code compliant manner. The Department of Planning and Community Development strives to effectively resolve property maintenance issues while remaining responsive to residents' questions.

Upper St. Clair's Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for working with property owners explaining the Township regulations on vegetation growth, storage of materials and recreational vehicles, residence number identification, noise, litter and other related issues.

These regulations, as adopted by the Board of Commissioners, are intended to protect the health, safety and welfare of the community and its residents. Click here to view a complete List of All Code Chapters in numerical order.

Here are some frequently asked questions relating to code enforcement:

Can I park my recreational vehicle on my property?

Does the Township have a grass ordinance?

Does the Township have a noise ordinance?

I got a notice that my house numbers aren't in the correct place. What does the Code require?

My neighbor has all kinds of junk stored on the side of his house. Is this allowed?

What are the requirements for the installation of a new mailbox or replacement of an existing mailbox?