Upper St. Clair Township

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Commissioners Weigh In On Morton Complex Master Plan

On Monday night, the Township of Upper St. Clair Board of Commissioners gave input on the Morton Complex Master Plan during a public presentation. A representative from Pashek MTR  gave the Morton Complex Master Plan presentation. The plan included adding turf to all of the existing fields, increasing parking spaces and accessible parking, creating a disc golf area, putting in an outdoor workout playground geared towards teenagers, and more. 

Commissioners expressed their appreciation for Pashek MTR's work to improve the park. Some concerns they still had after seeing the potential plans were parking and playground placement. Pashek MTR will now revisit the plans and come up with new drawings. 

Residents have contributed many ideas for the park's master plan through an online survey in the summer and during an Oct. 26 public meeting. The top improvements the public said they wanted at the Morton Field Complex are:
1. Develop walking and biking trails that connect parks and neighborhoods
2. Provide more shade
3. Develop additional passive recreation opportunities
4. Convert grass fields to synthetic turf