Upper St. Clair Township

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Notice Regarding Trash and Recycling Collection

As part of the Township’s new contract with Waste Management, the guidelines regarding how and how much residents may put out for trash and recycling curbside collection on a given week can be found in your 2024 trash and recycling brochure, which was mailed to all households in late 2023 and is available on the Township website.

During the first several weeks of the new contract, Waste Management was intentionally lenient and collected most of what households put out for collection. Moving forward, households that do not follow the new guidelines may not have all their trash and recycling collected.

If the Waste Management driver notes incorrect placement of waste, they will place a tag on the cart explaining why it may not have been collected or will not be accepted for collection in the future. You can view an example of the tag below.
Cart Tag.Hanger (1)
We recommend that USC residents review the 2024 trash and recycling brochure to ensure they are following the new guidelines and they get their trash and recycling collected.

For general questions regarding trash and recycling collection or to report legitimate collection misses, call Public Works at 412-831-9000 ext. 2710.

To contact Waste Management about renting an extra cart ($110 for 2024) or scheduling a special pickup, call 1-800-866-4460.