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Commissioner Robert W. Orchowski Honored After Serving for 26 Years

After serving as a Township commissioner for 26 years, USC Commissioner Robert W. Orchowski was honored at the Informational and General Affairs meeting on Monday, Dec. 18, 2023. Orchowski, the longest serving commissioner in Township history, did not run for re-election and will complete his final term on Dec. 31, 2023.

Over a dozen friends and former colleagues attended the meeting to honor him. Township Manager Matthew R. Serakowski and Board President Daniel R. Paoly each presented Orchowski with proclamations acknowledging his impact on Township history throughout his tenure on the Board.

“Commissioner Orchowski and I have worked together for all 26 years of his service on the Board,” said Serakowski. “The impact he has had on the staff and community cannot be overstated. He has always treated everyone with respect and dignity. On behalf of myself and all the staff members at the Township, we want to thank Commissioner Orchowski for his service.”

Orchowski_Retirement (42)Township Manager Matthew R. Serakowski and Commissioner Orchowski

“What really stands out to me about Commissioner Orchowski is the performance of his duties with dedication, fairness and intelligence,” said Commissioner Paoly. “In my time on the Board with him, everything he did was with the utmost respect for everyone.”

Orchowski_Retirement (30)Board President Daniel Paoly and Commissioner Orchowski

Pennsylvania Senator Devlin Robinson and Pa. State Representative Natalie Mihalek also presented Orchowski with proclamations from the Pa. State Senate and the Pa. House of Representatives.

“Commissioner Orchowski is a very dedicated person and professional,” Sen. Robinson. “For 26 years, he has served this community in multiple capacities. We are all happy and thankful he has stayed on this long because he has made Upper St. Clair a better community.”

Orchowski_Retirement (1)Pennsylvania Senator Devlin Robinson and Commissioner Orchowski

“There are givers and takers in this world, and Commissioner Orchowski is a giver,” said Rep. Mihalek. “He has given so much to this community, the Board of Commissioners and so many different people. I thank him for always being there for me personally, and I think he is the model for all public servants.”

Orchowski_Retirement (4)Pennsylvania State Representative Natalie Mihalek and Commissioner Orchowski

In his 26 years as commissioner, Orchowski has seen Upper St. Clair flourish as a community. During his tenure, Orchowski served as President of the Board, Vice President of the Board, Chair of the Budget and Finance and Parks and Recreation Committees and has been a member of the Public Works Committee, Public Safety Committee and Community Development Committee.

Orchowski served as a Township commissioner during the approval, construction and opening of the Volunteer Fire Department Main Station, Community & Recreation Center, Fields Complex at Boyce Mayview Park, Miracle League of the South Hills Field and the Casey’s Clubhouse Playground, Upper St. Clair Veterans Park and more.

In addition, he was an active participant in the development of many more projects and milestones throughout the Township, including, but not limited to: the completion of the Perimeter Trail Extension, the redevelopment of South Hills Village, the development of the Siena at St. Clair, the renovation of Wiltshire Park and the McLaughlin Run Activity Center, the addition of lights at Boyce Mayview Fields, the installation of new Township street signage and the most recent multi-year renovations to the Township Municipal Building.

Orchowski’s dedicated efforts have assisted in the Township’s distinction demonstrated by Allegheny County’s Live Well and Banner Community Recognitions.  His oversight as a Board member contributed towards 26 consecutive balanced Township budgets.

“Thank you to everybody here, and everybody not here, for the privilege of getting to serve Upper St. Clair for so long,” said Commissioner Orchowski. “I’m going to miss the people, including all the current and former commissioners. Upper St. Clair is still in great hands. We live in a great community, have a great staff and great commissioners, so let’s keep it that way.”

The Township thanks Commissioner Orchowski for his years of service and dedication to the residents and community of Upper St. Clair.

Orchowski_Retirement (11)
Former and current commissioners

Orchowski_Retirement (5)
Current commissioners applauding Commissioner Orchowski

Orchowski_Retirement (21)
Meeting attendees holding up signs of Commissioner Orchowski