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Parks and Fields

Allegheny Regional Asset District
The Township of Upper St. Clair values the Allegheny Regional Asset District for their continued support with our development of Boyce Mayview Park. With ARAD's generous contribution for 2024 of $265,000 in operational support and $250,000 in capital support, the Township is able to provide quality services for our regional audience.
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  • Parks and Fields
  • Parks and Fields

Baker Park

Baker Park is 13.82 acres off Morton Road at Morrow, near Baker Elementary School. Read More
  • Parks and Fields

Beadling Soccer Field

Beadling Soccer Field is 3.36 acres along Painters Run Road near Robb Hollow Road. Read More
  • Parks and Fields

Boyce Mayview Park

Boyce Mayview Park is directly adjacent to the Township's 236-acre Boyce Park Read More
  • Parks and Fields

Brookside Park

Brookside Park is 3.70 acres of natural woodlands off Ponoka Road in Brookside Farms. Read More
  • Parks and Fields

Byrnwick Park

Byrnwick Park is 7.05 acres near Byrnwick and Thornwick Drives, above Painters Run Road. Read More
  • Parks and Fields

Clair Park

Clair Park is 2.20 acres at the end of the Clair Drive/Fort Couch Road area. Read More
  • Parks and Fields

Gilfillan Park

Gilfillan Park is 59.57 acres of farm and woodlands, including a 1.25-mile mulched walking trail along Rt. 19 and Orr Road. Read More
  • Parks and Fields

Hays Park

Hays Park is 4.21 acres off Hays Road near Lorlita Lane. Read More
  • Parks and Fields

Johnston Park

Johnston Park is 2.48 acres off Johnston Road near Wesley Institute. Read More
  • Parks and Fields

Little Boyce

Little Boyce athletic field next to Boyce Middle School. Read More

Marmion Field

Marmion Field is 11.32 acres along along McLaughlin Run Road at Morrow Road. Read More
  • Parks and Fields

Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden is located behind the Township Building near Clair's Kennel. Read More
  • Parks and Fields

Morton Fields Complex

Morton Fields Complex consists of 7.5 acres of land located off Morton Road, located near the Upper St. Clair Volunteer Fire Department substation. Read More
  • Parks and Fields

Municipal Park

The Township's Municipal Park consists 29.75 acres along McLaughlin Run Road near the Municipal Building. Read More
  • Parks and Fields

Ravine Park

Ravine Park is 10.51 undeveloped acres near Morrow and Mayview Roads. Read More
  • Parks and Fields

Trotwood Park

Trotwood Park is 8.00 acres at end of the Robson Drive/Cook School Road area.  5-12 year olds play sets. Read More
  • Parks and Fields

Tustin Park

Tustin Park is 6.52 acres along Lesnett Road near Montclair Drive. Read More
  • Parks and Fields

Veterans Park

The Veterans Park is located between McLaughlin Run Road and the Municipal Building Parking lot, across from the Upper St. Clair High School main entrance. Read More
  • Parks and Fields

Wiltshire Park

Wiltshire Park is 11.20 acres off McMurray Road at Wiltshire Road. Read More