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Morton Field Complex Renovation Design Moving Forward

At the Board of Commissioners Meeting on Monday, May 1, 2023, the recommended design for the Morton Field Complex renovation was affirmed by the Board. This action allows the project to move into a final design and bidding phase later this year.

After being presented with four revised design options at the Informational and General Affairs Meeting on April 24, the Board considered additional input from members of the public, including the Upper St. Clair Athletic Association, who also voiced support for the recommended design, which is referred to as design option three.

Over the past year, Township staff and Gateway Engineers representatives have been developing a prioritized implementation plan based upon the year-long Pashek MTR masterplan study and recommendations. This study was presented at the April 4, 2022, Board meeting.

Enhanced pedestrian and vehicular circulation were two of the items at the top of the public wish list, as were synthetic turf fields, additional restrooms, a fully accessible site and a playground area. All these items have been worked into the tentative design plan, which includes re-grading the entire complex into a level surface.

The renovation aims to make the Morton Field Complex a high-quality, in-demand and more efficient and accessible site.

Design option three was the only option presented that was not a phased approach; meaning the work will be completed in one continuous time frame. The other three options would take multiple years to fully complete.

The plan is to have the construction bid ready for late 2023 and for construction to begin in early 2024.

The project is estimated to cost $13.25 million. As with all major capital projects, the Township will aggressively pursue all grant funding opportunities to cover as much of the cost as possible. Additional funding will come from the capital reserve fund and bond proceeds.

To view the full presentation from the April 24 meeting, click here.

Morton Field Reno Design 3