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Fort Couch Middle School Students Recognized for Participation in Camp Cadet Program

At the Regular Meeting of the Board of Commissioners, held on Monday, October 3, 2022, Commissioner Ronald J. Pardini, Chief Jonathan Wharton and Lieutenant Michael Lindenfelser presented Certificates of Achievement to Augustine Schmidt and Madeleine Thomas, students at Fort Couch Middle School, for their participation in Camp Cadet.

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Camp Cadet is a week-long event designed to give youth a better understanding of law enforcement activities while living in an atmosphere similar to a police training academy.  The camp emphasizes improving self-discipline, building self-esteem and confidence through teamwork, and making new friends by participating in various activities including a mock crime scene investigation, mock criminal trial and sporting activities. 

Congratulations to Augustine and Madeleine, we appreciate their enthusiasm in learning more about the Upper St. Clair Township Police Department.