Upper St. Clair Township

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UPPER ST. CLAIR TODAY Magazine Arrives

UPPER ST. CLAIR TODAY welcomes winter with this edition of our community’s magazine. Township information can be found on pages 26-44, while the School District news is on pages 46-59. Also, be sure to check out the winter guides—Winter Festivities and Life Planning—where ads and related articles of interest can be found.

UPPER ST. CLAIR TODAY is mailed quarterly and is free of charge for all USC residents and businesses. Postal delivery for this edition is scheduled November 15-19. Current and past issues can be viewed online at www.twpusc.org/usctoday or https://issuu.com/usctodaymag. Additional hard copies can be requested by calling 412-833-1600, ext. 2284, or emailing usctoday@uscsd.k12.pa.us.