Upper St. Clair Township

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Police: Use Caution at Lesnett, McLaughlin Run, McMillan Intersection

From the Upper St. Clair Police Department:
As many motorists are aware, PennDOT began the construction project on McLaughlin Run Road at the McMillan Road and Lesnett Road intersection. The project is scheduled for completion in fall 2022. A new, single-lane roundabout will be installed to control the flow of traffic at the intersection.

Upper St. Clair Police would like to offer some tips and information if you find it necessary to drive through the construction zone. Construction crews reduced Lesnett Road to one lane of travel from McLaughlin Run to Pineview Drive. There are now six temporary traffic signals to safely control the flow of traffic. Each signal is clearly posted with "NO TURN ON RED" signs. This is to prevent any vehicles from entering
the construction zone while other vehicles may also enter the zone. The lights are all controlled by a set program. There are radar devices at each light to detect the presence of a vehicle waiting for a green light. Once a vehicle is "observed" by the radar, that light will be placed in a queue to get a green signal when it is safe to do so. The main traffic lights (Lesnett, McLaughlin and McMillan) have a maximum green light time of 90 seconds. The two side streets (post office and Pinehurst Drive) have a maximum time of 30 seconds. When there is a break in traffic and the radar does not see a vehicle that needs the green light for five seconds, the light will turn red and the next signal in the queue will be given a green signal.

Many people have reported problems to police about the intersection this week. Upgrades were made on May 6, 2021 to resolve some issues. Many of the problems experienced at the intersection have been caused by motorists, but can be avoided by following a few simple suggestions:

1. DO NOT under any circumstances proceed into the zone during a red signal. This is extremely dangerous and it also causes the programming of the lights to go into a "fault mode" and requires a lengthy reset time. It will cause many other motorists to sit and wait longer than necessary. This includes the NO TURN ON RED signs.

2. While stopped in line at a red signal, please continue to keep your attention on the situation and be prepared to go when the light turns green. Many motorists are using cell phones while stopped and fail to go when the traffic moves. This may cause the radar device to see no traffic movement and turn the light red before it otherwise would. This will cause further back ups and delays.

Please keep in mind this is a PennDOT project as all the roads at this intersection are state-controlled roadways. Police officers will be stationed in the area to monitor the lights and enforce violations. If possible, please consider alternate routes to avoid the area, but please keep in mind that if you are using side streets or alternate routes, they are likely in our neighborhoods and we would very much appreciate it if you would observe all speed limits and be aware of children and adults walking or playing in our neighborhoods.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.