Upper St. Clair Township

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Sewage Bill Delivery Delay

Residents who receive their sewage bills via U.S. postal mail may have experienced  a delay in the receipt of their latest bill for the month of March. The delay was specifically due to operational issues at the United States Postal Service (USPS). Jordan Tax Service (JTS) processed all bills on a normal schedule. Sewage customers who are registered for eBilling service though JTS did not experience any delay in delivery of the monthly billing. All bills were processed at the same time.
JTS met with USPS officials to address the unsatisfactory performance in recent months. USPS acknowledged their failure and took steps to minimize issues in the future. To avoid any future potential delays in delivery, the Township encourages all residents to consider registering for the eBilling service offered by JTS. This service allows customers to receive bills via email instead of postal mail, automatically debits your payment amount on time each month, maintains a record of past bills and payments, and eliminates your reliance upon the USPS for timely delivery of your bill. Registration can be done online at www.jordantax.com/utilpay
As a result of USPS's most recent delivery delay, JTS will not assess late fees for sewer bills that have a due date in March 2021. Property owners are reminded that they are ultimately responsible for timely payment of their tax and sewage bills. If you do not receive your bill on its normal schedule, call JTS to request your balance. JTS appreciates the public's understanding and patience as they manage through the issues.