Upper St. Clair Township

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Fawn Information


Animal Control would like to remind everyone fawns can be born in the most unusual places and a lot of times in the most inconvenient places. Animal control will move a fawn to a safer location in the immediate area but will not remove fawns. Fawns are born with no scent and give off no smell. This allows them to avoid detection from predators such as coyote and fox. They must lay perfectly still all through the daylight hours until the mother returns to feed them at night. The fawn must be able to get to the mother as not to leave a scent trail for predators. If the fawn does not do this, the mother, in most cases, will not service the fawn. Also, the fawn may stay at a location for a few days until it builds up the strength required to keep up with mom. Until this point, please keep your distance.

Residents are asked to walk their yards before mowing and check the yard at night and early mornings before leaving your dogs out to relieve themselves. A fawn born at night will still be present in the morning, and the Mother Doe will attack a dog if she believes it a threat; they treat dogs just as they would predators such as coyotes.

If a fawn is found covered in flies, this is usually a sign there is a problem with this animal, and Animal Control should be notified, and this animal will, at this point, be removed by Animal Control. 

Residents finding "lost" fawns should contact the Pennsylvania Game Commission for direction for these animals. Ligoner, PA is the closest central office and can be reached at 724-238-9523.