Upper St. Clair Township

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Deer Management

The absence of natural predators and ample food supply, along with whitetail deer's ability to reproduce relatively quickly, has resulted in an over-abundance of deer in many parts of the United States, including in the Township of Upper St. Clair. This can cause everything from rather benign nuisance issues in yards and gardens to significant Township safety concerns, including aggressive deer, accelerated spread of Lyme disease, and potentially deadly deer-vehicle collisions. After considerable research and debate, including a public referendum, the Township initiated measures to appropriately manage its deer population.

Township staff invested considerable time and resources to understand deer management options and carefully evaluated lethal and non-lethal measures. Current non-lethal measures appear to be both expensive and ineffective at managing free-ranging deer populations. The Township continues its partnerships with Whitetail Management, the USDA APHIS Wildlife Services and the Pennsylvania Game Commission to safely and humanely manage the Township’s deer population. This includes special culling operations in February and March (though the USDA) and an archery program (through Whitetail Management) during the scheduled Whitetail Deer season determined by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. It is important to note that all citizens and agents participating in these deer-control measures are highly trained in methods that ensure both the utmost public safety and humane management of the deer.

In addition to the Township’s deer management efforts, residents can help by making their yards less attractive to Whitetail Deer.  Residents are asked not to feed deer. Additionally, residents may benefit from enclosed gardens and deer-resistant plants.

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