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Book Bundles

Looking for a great book?
Request a curated book bundle today by clicking on one of the icons below.

Book Bundles are available for readers of all ages.

Once your request is submitted, a member of the Upper St. Clair Township Library staff will work to fill a bundle for you. You'll receive notification via email or telephone call when your bundle is ready for pickup. Your bundle will be checked out and ready to go when you come in to pick it up. All bundles follow typical library loan rules.

Read-Aloud Book Bundle (Logo)Read-Aloud Book Bundle
Looking for books to read aloud to your children? Request a Read-Aloud Book Bundle. Bundles can be created for toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children. From board books, picture books to chapter books, staff will create a bundle your family will certainly enjoy!

Ready-To-Read Book Bundle LogoReady-To-Read Book Bundle
Parents of emergent readers in 1st and 2nd grades can request a book bundle featuring reader-level books which can specifically target any reading skills for which your child needs practice.

Chapter Books & More Book Bundle (Logo)Chapter Books & More Bundle
Curious readers in grades 3-5 can request a Chapter Books & More Bundle. This bundle will pull together selections from fiction, non-fiction, biographies, and more to create a well-rounded bundle of books.

Middle Grade Book Bundle (Logo)Middle Grade Book Bundle
Readers in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades can request a curated book bundle. Books in these bundles are perfect for readers moving on up to harder, more complex chapter books. Selections are made by staff, based on responses given in the request form.

Tween & Teen Book Bundle (Logo)Tween & Teen Book Bundle
For readers in 7th-12th grade, fill out a short request form and our Kids & Teens Library staff will select books based on your responses. 

Adult Binge BundleAdult Binge Bundle
Library staff will curate a binge bundle for adult readers, ages 18+. After filling out the short request form, our staff will hand-pick selections of fiction, non-fiction, and audio-visual based on your responses.

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