Upper St. Clair Township

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Plan Outline & Maps

This plan was created to further the concepts presented in the Township's 1995 Comprehensive Plan on connecting community destinations. For a more detailed look at the design process, see Planning Process.

Map of All Segments

Segment 1: Fort Couch Road

Segment 2: Route 19

Segment 3: McLaughlin Run Road

Segment 4: Beyond Pinebridge Commons

Segment 5: McMurray Road

Segment 6: Johnston Road, Old Washington Road, McMurray Road

Segment 7: Old Washington Road and Hays Road

Segment 8: Boyce Road

Segment 9: Morton Road

Segment 10: Morton Road and Morrow Road

Segment 11: Morrow Road

Segment 12: Old Washington Road

Segment A - Fort Couch Road

Segment B - Truxton Drive

Segment C - McLaughlin Run Road

Segment D - Hastings Mill Road