Upper St. Clair Township

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Benefits & Safety

Sidewalk amenities range from transportation to recreation to fostering a sense of community. Along with these benefits, a significant purpose of the network is to increase the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.


The Sidewalks and Bikeways Network links many popular locations within the Township, giving residents an environmentally sound alternative to driving. Such areas include parks and recreation, schools, community destinations, and commercial areas. Connecting these locations to residential areas gives better opportunities to residents to use these facilities and promotes commerce within the Township.


Where residents cannot walk their neighborhood safely they have fewer opportunities to know their neighbors and, consequently, less sense of community. The network strives to remedy these situations

Property Values

A walkable neighborhood will generally be a more desirable place to live than a less pedestrian friendly counterpart.


Children in the parks and riding bikes in the streets are everywhere in Upper St. Clair. Facilities in playgrounds and parks are held to high safety standards, and likewise safety should also be a primary concern when designing the routes to these facilities.

Many families and senior citizens go for walks and jogs and have to compete with automobiles for road space. Bicyclists also encounter difficulties on roads because there is not enough space for both automobiles and bicycles to co-exist on street. The Sidewalks and Bikeways Network is the key to safer pedestrian and bicyclist travel in Upper St. Clair.