Upper St. Clair Township

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Building Inspection and Permitting

The Building Inspection and Code Enforcement personnel are primarily responsible for building, zoning, and fire prevention permit review, issuance and inspection. Some of the key functions include enforcement of the building, fire, zoning and property maintenance code(s) responding to citizen concerns related to such matters. The Township of Upper St. Clair has adopted the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code which presently adheres to the 2015 International Codes. Amendments to the building codes are located in Chapter 51 of the Township Code. Uniform Construction Code

Building Permit Process

1. Completing an Application
Applications are available at the Department of Planning and Community Development offices or online. Permit fees vary according to the type of application and complexity of the project. Additional items may be required depending upon the project. For example, building permits require a property survey and construction plans. If commercial projects are submitted to the International Code Council for review, a discount on the Building Permit fee will be available and the project will be expedited through the permit process.
Amendments and references can be reviewed online in Chapter 51 "Building Construction" and Chapter 61 "Fire Prevention" of the Township Code. The Township Zoning requirements can be found in Chapter 130 of the Township Code. Copies are available for viewing at the Department of Planning and Community Development, in the Upper St. Clair Library or at the reception desk of the Municipal Building.

2. Review by the Township
The plans and survey are reviewed to ensure compliance with the Township's zoning and building codes. On July 6, 2004 the Township adopted Ordinance No. 1914, amending the Code of the Township Chapter 51 (Building Construction) and Chapter 61 (Fire Prevention) to adopt the Pennsylvania Construction Code Act (Act 45 of 1999, 35 P.S.§§7210.101-7210.1103).

3. Approval by the Township
When the review is complete, a permit is issued. A placard is provided to the homeowner to post in a conspicuous place visible from the street. This signals the public that work is progressing under Township authorization. The homeowner also receives copies of the permits, an inspection sheet, a copy of the survey when required, and a copy of their plans with the plan reviewer's comments.