Street Maintenance

The Department of Public Works maintains over 110 miles of Township owned streets. Maintenance responsibilities include:

Annual Resurfacing Program

The 2020 Township Street Resurfacing Program will include milling and repaving of the streets as listed below. The work will include drainage improvements, storm inlet replacement, new asphalt wedge curbs and the restoration of lawns and driveways.

The contractor will notify the affected residents approximately one week prior to beginning any construction work on their street. Residents who temporarily lose access to their driveways during construction may park on the street during that time. The Police Department will be advised.
  • All work will take place within the street’s right-of-way, generally 13 feet behind the curb.
  • The restoration of lawns and driveways will be done as construction is completed.
  • New grass areas should be watered and kept cut to a height of no more than 4 inches.
  • Regular cutting encourages the grass to grow and spread to fill in bare spots.
  • Some minor settlement may occur and these areas will be repaired and reseeded as required.
  • The Township will not be responsible for restoration work that is not attended to by the property owner.
  • The Township cannot be held responsible for damage to any sprinkler system, invisible fence, or any other private underground facilities that are in the street’s right-of-way.
  • Some changes to the streets listed may be necessary following an assessment of winter damages.

As with any road construction work, there will be some inconvenience. The Township appreciates your patience and understanding while the work is in progress.

If you should have any questions regarding this work, you may contact Dan Flatz, Superintendent of Public Improvements at 412-831-9000 ext. 2750. View 2020 streets to be resurfaced.

Asphalt Patching

Besides routine pothole patching, the Public Works Department owns and operates asphalt maintenance equipment that enables us to repair larger isolated areas of deteriorated pavement effectively and efficiently. This ability to make repairs in-house results in a quicker response time and saves the cost of an outside contractor who would have to move in large equipment for just a few hours of work.

Crack Sealing

As a part of the Township’s Annual Resurfacing Program, crack sealing of the existing streets is also provided. This contracted service provides for between 50,000 and 100,000 feet of crack sealing annually.

Crack sealing prevents storm water from penetrating and softening the base beneath the pavement, creating an unstable condition. The instability of the base causes additional cracking, potholes, rutting, and frost heave, all the while accelerating the deterioration of the asphalt matrix.

Drainage Improvements

Drainage improvements include storm inlet replacement and associated storm culverts on the streets that are to be resurfaced. Inlet and culvert replacement is performed on the existing streets on an as-needed basis. 

Underdrains can be installed where necessary to prevent ground water from migrating under the roadway and weakening the stability of the soils supporting the pavement. These underdrains can also be used to connect existing downspouts that drain directly into the street, which can cause accelerated deterioration and icing issues.

The milling operation can be used to create a crowned centerline profile that directs the storm water from the cartway to the gutterline where it can more effectively be removed by storm inlets.

Guide Rail Installation/Replacement

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and replacement of the guide rails on Township owned streets.

There are specific criteria that must be met to warrant a guide rail installation in a particular location. In some instances a guide rail can create a greater hazard to the traveling public. The criteria includes speed limit, width of the shoulder, and the slope at the shoulder’s edge, along with other pertinent factors that are reviewed by the Township’s traffic engineer for each location.

Line Striping

Line striping is performed by a pre-qualified subcontractor. All of our double yellow lines and single white edge lines on Township owned streets are repainted annually with a water based paint. Glass beads are mixed in with the paint to provide reflectivity for enhanced nighttime visibility and safety.

Intersection crosswalks, arrows, “onlys”, and stop bars are done in a hot thermoplastic application for greater durability. These intersections are done approximately every three years, or as necessary.

All Township owned parking lots are repainted on an annual basis.

Right-of-Way Maintenance

Public Works mows and maintains all Township owned street right-of-ways throughout the community. State owned right-of-ways in the Township are also mowed and maintained by Public Works and reimbursed by PennDot under an agreement adopted in 1984.

In 1984, the Township and PennDot began an agreement under which PennDot will reimburse the Township of Upper St. Clair for maintenance work on State roads. This agreement was the first of its kind in the State and has become a model for use by other municipalities. Under the agreement, the ownership and the responsibility for maintenance of State roads remains with PennDot. The Township, acting as an independent contractor, is reimbursed on a unit price basis for maintenance work.

Sign Maintenance

All street signs in the Township are catalogued using a Global Positioning System, GPS. The GPS information is transferred to a database, which records the location, condition, reflectivity and age of all of our traffic advisory signs throughout the Township.

This system allows us to track the conditions of the individual signs on an ongoing basis and perform the required upgrading as necessary.

Snow Removal

The Public Works Department is responsible for clearing snow and ice for over 203 lane miles of roadway during the winter months. The Township also provides service to 5 miles of unimproved, private roads for emergency vehicle access.

The Township, acting as an independent contractor, is reimbursed by PennDot for snow removal on State roads.

The Township also provides, under contract, snow and ice control services for the School District's parking lots and driveways.

Public Works is not responsible for winter maintenance of County roads, which includes Painters Run Road, Drake Road and Bethel Church Road.

Snow Removal Information for Residents
The Public Works Department is on call 24 hours a day to help residents with snow removal emergencies and related situations.  During severe snow situations where plowing is needed, the main state and Township roads have priority, which in some cases require residential roadways to be designated secondary priority.

The department deploys 16 trucks equipped with salt spreaders and plows to clear approximately 110 miles of roadway, all Township-owned parking lots, buildings, and all School District parking lots.  

The department is currently contracted to perform snow and ice removal on all state-owned roadways within the Township, including State Route 19, Boyce Road, Mayview Road, Lesnett Road, McLaughlin Run Road, Fort Couch Road, and McMillan Road.  It does not have maintenance responsibilities to Allegheny County-owned roadways, including Painters Run Road, Bethel Church Road, and Drake Road.

Some considerations regarding the snow removal services that you receive as a resident of USC include:

  1. The Public Works Department must be alert to air temperatures and road surface temperatures.  Sodium Chloride (rock salt) is effective to about 23 degrees Fahrenheit.  At temperatures below 23 degrees, road surfaces will require additions of liquid calcium chloride.  Traffic causes rock salt to act more quickly, so streets with heavier traffic will show the results of sodium chloride application sooner than less traveled roadways.
  2. Air Science Consultants are contracted to the Township and available on a 24-hour basis to provide periodic advance weather forecasting. 
  3. Peak traffic occurs between the hours of 6 -9 a.m. and 3-6 p.m.  Decisions to delay school must be made by school administration. 
  4. The Public Works Department minimizes the use of chemicals by plowing whenever possible.  Generally, accumulations over one inch with additional snow predicted may require plowing as dictated by temperatures and information obtained from Air Science Consultants.
  5. Constant monitoring of road conditions helps the Public Works administration coordinate snow removal actions to ensure total roadway coverage.  All snow removal vehicle drivers assist and back each other up to ensure effective roadway salting and plowing.
  6. Walks will be cleared at the Township building and tennis bubbles as soon as possible.  The Recreation Center schedule is checked to ensure clear walkways prior to scheduled activities.
  7. Excessive snow may require opening of inlets or location of fire plugs.
  8. The Public Works Department has instituted an anti-icing process into the snow removal operation.  This process consists of applying manufactured salt brine to the roadways prior to a storm event.  As you encounter these Public Works’ trucks applying the product, please give them the space and right of way needed.

Street Sweeping

Public Works is responsible for the street sweeping of all Township and State roads throughout the community.

Street sweeping is a cost effective practice in reducing storm water pollution. Chemicals from automobiles, debris, leaves and sediment on streets have the potential to pollute our waterways.

Street sweeping is performed in the spring to reduce pollutants in storm water runoff from road salt and grit. Street sweeping throughout the year is done to improve aesthetics, remove litter and make the pavement less slippery in light rains.

The sweeping of State roads is done by Public Works under an agreement with PennDot adopted in 1984.

In 1984, the Township and PennDot began an agreement under which PennDot will reimburse the Township of Upper St. Clair for maintenance work on State roads. This agreement was the first of its kind in the State and has become a model for use by other municipalities. Under the agreement, ownership and the responsibility for maintenance of State roads remains with PennDot. The Township, acting as an independent contractor, is reimbursed on a unit price basis for maintenance work.

Winter Storm Emergencies

Winter storm emergencies are just that – emergencies.  The Township of Upper St. Clair’s administrative staff, Police Department, and Public Works Department are on call 24 hours a day to help residents and businesses by making streets safe.

During the winter season, Township residents are asked to be patient and understanding.  To help the Police and Public Works Department during storms, the Township asks the cooperation of residents in the following areas:

  1. Keep calls concerning snow removal to a minimum. Public Works and Police phone lines need to be kept open for emergency calls only during storm situations.  The Township is as eager as you to have the streets cleared quickly.  Major roads such as Route 19,  Boyce Road, McLaughlin Run Road, Lesnett Road, McMillian Road, Fort Couch Road and Mayview Road are plowed first as a matter of public safety and for emergency vehicles.
  2. Do not shovel or plow snow back into the streets.  This is a violation of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code and creates additional traffic safety problems.
  3. When streets are plowed, snow will be pushed in front of driveways.  Unfortunately, there is no other place for the snow to go.
  4. The Public Works Department is not permitted to assist residents by clearing driveways, sidewalks, or paths to mailboxes.  Public Works employees work as many hours as necessary to make streets, inlets, cul-de-sacs, sidewalks and parking lots safe for all vehicles and pedestrians.
  5. Under emergency situations, there may be delays or cancellations of garbage collection and recycling pickup.  Please do not call the Township during a snow emergency to ask about garbage collection.   Until the snow situation is under control, it is impossible to say when garbage collection will be back on schedule.  Check Cable 7 for information on garbage collection.
  6. The Township cannot recommend contractors or companies that provide private snow removal.  Please refer to the Verizon Yellow Pages.
  7. The Township receives numerous calls regarding sidewalks not being adequately maintained during heavy snow periods.  Snow or ice covered sidewalks that have not been shoveled may cause problems for residents, school children, mail carriers, delivery persons, etc.  Chapter 109 of the Township Code states that the standard removal time of snow and ice from sidewalks is within 12 hours after the snow or ice has ceased to fall or be formed.  There are several Township-owned sidewalks that are posted “No Winter Maintenance” and are not covered under this ordinance. 
  8. Please keep fire hydrants clear of snow.  They are for your safety.



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