USC Police Department Organization

The Office of the Chief of Police

The Chief is the head of the Police Department. He, along with the Deputy Chief, oversees the planning and operations of the entire Police Department.

Administrative Division

Three professional civilian employees man the administrative division. Their primary function is to maintain the department records and informational systems in the police department. They are also involved in planning, research and development activities as well as performing the staff functions for the office of the chief of police.

Dispatch Center

The Police Department maintains a 24-hour desk/communication center to handle direct emergency calls, 911 ring down emergency calls, walk-in complaints and non-emergency complaints. The center is manned by one of four civilian dispatchers or a uniformed police officer at all times. The center provides dispatch services for the Upper St. Clair Volunteer Fire Department, Tri Community South Emergency Medical Service, and the Upper St. Clair Police Department.

Investigative Division

Two investigators and the juvenile officer staff this unit of the Police Department. Their duties include extensive follow-up investigations of criminal complaints. They also handle the community relations and crime prevention activities of the Police Department. The juvenile officer is the coordinator for the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program and the Project Safe Neighbor (PSN) program. They also coordinate the Police Department's cases with other agencies and operate as the court liaison in criminal prosecutions.

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the unit that contains the bulk of the manpower of the Police Department. The Patrol Division consists of four squads of officers who maintain 24-hour patrol of the community. Each squad contains one sergeant, four police officers, and a civilian dispatcher. The Patrol Division maintains a minimum of three uniformed officers working at all times. Their duties include answering calls for service, conducting initial investigations into traffic complaints, traffic enforcement, and accident investigation.

Additionally, the Upper St. Clair Police Department has developed two specialty units in response to and in preparation for, unusual occurrences within the Township of Upper St. Clair.

Special Investigation and Tactical Team (S.I.T.T.)

The members of the S.I.T.T. team are volunteers drawn from the other divisions of the Police Department. The team trains on a regular basis in preparation for any unusual occurrence, to which a police response would be required. The team has been in existence for over ten years and has been activated for a handful of incidents to provide a trained, disciplined and professional police response to a crisis.

Accident Reconstruction Team

The members of the accident reconstruction team are volunteers drawn from the other division of the Police Department. Each officer on the team has received special training on motor vehicles crashes. At the present time, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania certifies eight officers in accident reconstruction and two are also certified nationally by Accreditation Commission For Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR). The Team was developed to provide a professional response to major car crashes involving death or serious injury.

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