TODAY is a non-partisan and non-profit community magazine dedicated to promoting the Township and School District of Upper St. Clair and its residents. The publishers reserve the right to reject advertising and articles that are inconsistent with the objectives, image, and aesthetic standards of the magazine and its mission.

Ad Approvals and Cancellations

It is the responsibility of the advertiser/agency to proofread and approve the ad(s) submitted for print. For ad cancellation the advertiser/agency must acknowledge cancellation in writing prior to the cancellation date to avoid charges.

If you need further information about advertising with TODAY, contact TODAY office manager.
Colleen DeMarco
412.833.1600 ext. 2284.



Matthew R. Serakowski, Township Manager
Dr. John T. Rozzo, Superintendent of Schools

Steering Committee

Mark S. Mansfield, Assistant Township Manager
Paul K. Fox, School District Representative

Editors and Staff

Linda M. DudzinskiEditor-in-Chief
Terry KishAssociate Editor
Colleen DeMarco, Office Manager, Advertising Executive
Alison Hess, Advertising Executive
Sarah Beitler, Advertising Executive, Marketing Executive
Kerry Turner, Advertising Executive, Social Media
Dorothy Clark,
 Graphic Designer

Submitting an Article

Upcoming Issues

DEADLINE for Fall 2020 Issue:
June 18
DEADLINE for Winter 2020 Issue:
September 24

UPPER ST. CLAIR TODAY, the official publication of the School District and Township of Upper St. Clair, is a non-partisan Township, School District, and community magazine. Political advertising and political commentary are not accepted. The publishers of this magazine reserve the right to reject advertising or articles inconsistent with the objectives, image and aesthetic standards of the magazine.

Articles that were submitted but not published in the latest issue are on file for consideration in upcoming issues. Articles and announcements should be sent to:

1820 McLaughlin Run Road
Upper St. Clair, PA 15241

For further article information, call:
Linda M. Dudzinski, Editor, at 412.833.1600, ext. 2681 or email: