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The USC Library has recommended books for all ages and stages!

Visit the Library's Select Reads Landing Page to see all of the book lists, or click on the links below.

Guided Reading Levels Book List (Levels A-N)

A    B    C    D    E     F     G    H    I    J    K    L    M    N

Series & Sequels in the Library (Organized by Title)
0-10         A-C         D-G         H-K

L-O          P-S         T-W          X-Z

Books Boys Will Like (And Girls Too!)
Non-Fiction         Picture Books
Readers & Easy Chapter Books
Kids Novels         Teen Novels

Social & Emotional Growth Through Picture Books
Anger Management
Bedtime Issues
    Bravery     Bullying
Comfort Items     Compassion
Cooperation (Getting Along)     Creativity (Problem Solving)
Death     Eating Habits & Food
Fears     Feelings     Friendship
Helping     Listening
Manners     Medical Issues     Misbehavior
Respect     Responsibility
Safety     School     Self-Esteem
Sharing     Sibling Rivalry     Sportsmanship     Strangers
Trying Something New

Social & Emotional Growth Through Novels: Grades 4-7
Accepting One Another
Changing Friendships
Coping Through Tough Times
Dealing with Bullies & Teasing
Family Matters
Feeling Good About Yourself
Getting Along with Others
Making Good Choices
Mourning a Loss

What to Read When You're In BeTWEEN: Books for Tweens
Adventure     Animals
Historical Fiction     Humor
Real-Life (Fiction)
Scary & Supernatural     Sports     Science Fiction

Books for Kids (Who Think) They Hate to Read-Ages 7 to 14

Decodable Readers

Great Books for Fifth & Sixth Grade

Great Read-Alouds for the Entire Family

Moving On Up! to Chapter Books

Reading Road Trip: A Literary Trip Across the USA



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Comments or Questions?

Learning to Read

USC Library

Learning to Read: Tips for Parents

Learning to Read: Tips for Parents  is a scheduled one-on-one discussion with the children’s librarian to answer your questions about reading.

Learn activities that will help your young child get ready to read, tips for helping your beginning reader, and how to find books your child and teen will like. If you are interested, set up an appointment that works for you by stopping in the Library or calling the library and asking for the children’s floor. Plan to spend approximately one-half hour in the Library.