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New Year Ushers In New Recycling Rules
Due to global changes in the recycling industry, consumers must change their recycling habits. In 2019, glass and plastics numbered 3 through 7 will no longer be allowed in recycling. Waste Management will spot check containers at the curb in the new year. 
What to Recycle, What Not to Recycle
Recycling Changes FAQs
2019 Trash & Recycling Brochure

2019 Budget Adopted
On Dec. 3, 2018 the Board of Commissioners approved the 2019 budget with no tax increase.
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Community & Recreation Center Assessment
Click here to view the Community & Recreation Center Facility Assessment Report. 

Volunteer Opportunities
The Township is seeking residents to serve on various Boards and Commissions. If you are interested, please submit a Talent Bank form that is available in the Township Manager's office. You may also download the form here

Guidelines for Maintaining Creeks in Upper St. Clair
The PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has guidelines for maintaining streams and creeks across the state. Please review the booklet to understand what property owners can do to help prevent flooding in local creeks. 
DEP Stream Maintenance Booklet 

McLaughlinRun Roundabout Project

PennDOT has proposed a plan to replace the signalized intersection at McLaughlin Run, Lesnett and McMillan Roads with a roundabout. A public meeting was held on Sept. 28, 2017. It concluded that PennDOT provide the PowerPoint presentation and a questionnaire to gather additional feedback from the community.

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