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 Frequently Asked QuestionCategory
1Are children allowed in the fitness area or on the track?C&RC
2Can I park my recreational vehicle on my property?Multiple
3Can I renew items online?Library
4Care and maintenance of a riparian bufferRiparian Buffers
5Caring for your bufferRiparian Buffers
6Contact Upper St. Clair Post Office.General
7Does the library have ebooks?Library
8Does the Township clean up leaves at the curb?Public Works
9Does the Township have a grass ordinance?Multiple
10Does the Township have a noise ordinance?Multiple
11How do I acquire a Silver Card?C&RC
12How do I apply for a Gold Card?General
13How do I apply for a Silver Card?General
14How do I contact Animal Control?Police
15How do I contact each Township department/service?General
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