Stormwater Management Program

What is stormwater management?

Stormwater management involves the control of water that runs off the surface of the land from rain or melting ice or snow. The volume, or amount of runoff and its rate of runoff, substantially increases as land development occurs. Construction of impervious surfaces, such as roofs and parking lots, and the installation of storm sewer pipes which efficiently collect and discharge runoff, prevent infiltration of rainfall into the soil.

Management of stormwater is necessary to compensate for the possible impacts of development such as flooding, erosion and sedimentation problems, concentration on flow on adjacent properties, damages to roads, bridges and other infrastructure as well as non-point source pollution washed off from impervious surfaces.

Fluvial and Flannery Frog

Fluvial and Flannery Frog

The Township of Upper St. Clair is pleased to announce that Fluvial and Flannery Frog will be joining the team to help prevent pollution in our streams. These frogs will play a major role in eliminating pollution of our streams, which eventually heads down to the rivers. It only takes one individual to pollute the stream. Please do your part in making Upper St. Clair a more environment friendly community.

Fluvial got his name from the term "fluvial geomorphology", which means living in a stream or river. Flannery got her name from the Irish word for "flat land".

Watch closely for updates on ways you can assist our Stormwater Mascots in stopping pollution in our community.

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Current Activities

The Township is currently involved in many activities that would enhance the quality of stormwater within the community.

Curb Marking

We have been working with the local Boy Scouts on the Curb Marking program. These curb markers will be placed on all of the storm inlets in the Township by volunteer boy scouts trying to achieve their Eagle Scout Awards. These markers will be placed down on the inlets per watershed, starting with Painters Run, which has already been completed. It is anticipated that McLaughlin Run Watershed will be next and should start in the Spring.

USC No Dumping

If you want to do more, we have other suggestions for What You Can Do.


MS4 Permit:  Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System

Did you know that your municipality has an Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit?  The underlying goal of the MS4 program is to prevent stormwater pollution from entering streams, lakes, ponds, and rivers, etc.  Read more about this stormwater management program and required control measures here:

Overview of MS4 Permit: Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System


What You Can Do

We need everyone to do their share in creating a safe and healthy environment. Anything that goes into the storm inlets flows directly into the streams without being treated. The most important thing to consider is that what you may dump into the storm inlet does not only affect you, but it affects your neighbors and other communities that the streams flow through. Please be safe and cautious and keep the following things in mind to prevent pollution.