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Upper St. Clair Designated as 2018 Banner Community

USC Administration - Wednesday, March 28, 2018

County Executive Rich Fitzgerald and the Allegheny League of Municipalities (ALOM) announced that the Township of Upper St. Clair is one of 55 municipalities that have been designated as 2018 Banner Communities. The program recognizes municipalities committed to prudent fiscal management, transparency, accountability, and proactive communications to engage community stakeholders.

The Township of Upper St. Clair is one of 16 municipalities recognized for being part of the Banner Community Program since its inception in 2012.

"This designation highlights our commitment to sustainability, intergovernmental cooperation, professional development, emergency preparedness, and most of all, our efforts to connect with residents through the USC TODAY Magazine, our website, and social media," said Assistant Township Manager Mark Mansfield.

"We are delighted to see this tremendous program continue to grow and to recognize so many of our great municipalities this year," said Fitzgerald. "Local government officials are critical to the success of this region. They are more likely to know what issues matter most to local residents and how resources can be used most effectively in their area. Congratulations to the officials in our Banner Communities who represent their constituents so well, and thank you for all of your hard work in making this county a better place to live and work."

The announcement was made during a press event and ceremony at the River Club on Friday, March 23.

"The growth of the Banner Community Program throughout the last six years is a testament to the fine work being conducted in local government throughout our region," said ALOM Chairman Dennis Watson. "The record participation in the program for 2018 clearly demonstrates a commitment to best practices in governance by our municipal stakeholders. I look forward to the continued success and future enhancements of the Banner Community Program in the years to come."

The Allegheny League of Municipalities is a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization whose mission is to foster local government in Allegheny County and southwestern Pennsylvania by educating elected officials, delivering essential resources, and advocating for sound policy and legislation.

Upper St. Clair Paving Plan Approved

Public Works - Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Township of Upper St. Clair recognizes the benefits of well-maintained streets and is committed to a regular schedule of street repairs. Many citizens share favorable comments with Township commissioners and employees regarding the condition of the Township streets and roadways.

On March 5, the Township of Upper St. Clair Board of Commissioners approved a paving contract with El Grande Industries.

The following Upper St. Clair roadways are currently on the plan for repaving in 2018. The list might change after the Upper St. Clair Public Works team performs its winter damage assessment or if there are delays in construction this summer due to weather. If streets on the list do not get repaved this year, they will likely be repaved next year.

-Apache Road from Brookside to the Township line

-Astronaut Circle from Sky Ridge to the cul de sac

-Brookside Boulevard from the Township line to Cherokee

-Candlewood Drive from Redfern to the cul de sac

-Comanche Road from Cherokee to Brookside

-Hathaway Lane from #1708 to Mill Grove

-Ivydale Drive from Redfern to Hollowtree

-Johnston Road from McMurray to Old Washington

-Mill Grove Road from Morrow to Hathaway

-Mohawk Road from Brookside to Ponoka

-North Highland Drive from Washington to Abbeyville

-Oaklawn Drive from Lorlita to the cul de sac

-Redfern Drive from #1519 to Terminus

-Rio Circle from Oaklawn to the cul de sac

-Salem Drive from Murdstone to the cul de sac

-Satellite Circle from Sky Ridge to Sky Ridge

-Sidgefield Lane from Mill Grove to both cul de sacs

-Southern Hilands from Washington to the cul de sac

-Trotwood Drive from Murdstone to Murdstone

-Trotwood Ridge Drive from Trotwood West to Harrogate

-Tyris Drive from Tragone to the cul de sac

The following park improvements are also in the current 2018 paving plan:

-Johnston Park tennis court

-Johnston Park basketball court

-Johnston Park hockey court

-Municipal tennis courts no. 1 and no. 2

-Municipal tennis parking lot

-Marmion Soccer Field parking lot

-Community and Recreation Center parking lot Alt. from C&RC to Mayview

-Bird Meadow Drive Alt. from Boyce to Terminus

-Byrnwick Park Alt. at Thornwick

Storm drainage upgrades will begin in early April. The milling and paving will follow in early May and be completed in late August.

USC Commissioners Approve Construction of Tennis/Golf Building

USC Administration - Tuesday, March 06, 2018

At their March 5 meeting, the Township of Upper St. Clair Board of Commissioners approved the construction of a new tennis and golf administration building on McLaughlin Run Road.

The current structure next to the Upper St. Clair tennis courts is more than 30 years old and beyond its useful life.

Construction is set to begin in late spring. The 1,110-square-foot structure will house Upper St. Clair Tennis and Golf administration, storage for the tennis programs, a pavilion, and ADA-compliant bathrooms.

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