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 Frequently Asked QuestionCategory
16How do I contact Jordan Tax Service?Finance
17How do I contact the Magistrate’s Office?Police
18How do I contact Upper St. Clair Today magazine?Magazine
19How do I contact USC Cable?Cable 7
20How do I donate books to the Friends of the Library?Library
21How do I get a library card?Library
22How do I get a map of Boyce Mayview Park?C&RC
23How do I get a NEW RESIDENT information packet?General
24How do I get/replace a recycling container?Public Works
25How do I obtain a copy of a police report?Police
26How do I obtain a copy of my property survey?Community Development
27How do I obtain a dog license?Police
28How do I obtain a permit?Community Development
29How do I obtain a solicitor’s permit?Police
30How do I obtain permission to have a block party in my neighborhood?Community Development
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